You Have to Start Somewhere

Well, you have to start somewhere.  I’ve thought about starting a blog off and on for a while.  I read a few of them most days and figured if I liked them so much, that I should start my own.

But what would I write about?  What ‘type’ of blogger would I be?  I’m not a runner by any means.  Although I’ve run two races since moving here, I haven’t done much running since that second race.  I try and get to yoga once a week but that doesn’t always happen.  I did try Bikram yoga for the first time on Tuesday and oh man it was intense!  I don’t come up with recipes of my own or cook anything fancy for dinner.  I don’t repurpose my weekend flea market trip finds nor am I much of a fashionista (I leave that to my younger sister).  Rather than focusing on all the things I’m not, I’ll just write what I am, which will probably be a little bit of everything.

Mostly, I want to keep track of all the things for wedding planning as well as get into more consistent healthy living habits so I feel and look my best on the big day and beyond.  I also want to chronicle my life in a new city, living with my fiancé for the first time and making new friends.

Thinking of a name for your blog much harder than you’d think!  I wanted it to be something that allowed me to continue the blog after the wedding if I wanted.  I also wanted something original and that didn’t box me in to a certain type of blog.  Or course I made a list of some possibilities.  Chronicles of a List Maker was born!  For me, making lists keeps me organized.  Whether it’s a list of things to accomplish on a certain day or what groceries to buy or what events I have going on during the week, I make a list.

The next question was when to write my first post?  I thought I’d start on a Monday, or at the beginning of the month, or even on some milestone date, like one year away from our wedding.  But if I waited for the ‘right’ time then there never would be one.

So, I’m starting today, Friday May 10th.

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