Tuesday In Topeka

I’m in Topeka, Kansas for work this week.  Since March I’ve been coming here 2 weeks per month.

If you’ve never been to Kansas, when you come you’ll see a lot of this:

KansasLots of farmland, some cows and a ton of support for the two major universities here!

As this is my 6th trip out here, I’ve tried to expand my restaurant picks and tonight tried a new place.  I met two co-workers at Blind Tiger Brewery.  I had their Raspberry Wheat beer and the Texas Roadrunner plate.  The beer was the perfect amount of sweetness, sometimes fruit beers are too sweet for my liking.  The Texas Roadrunner was a recommendation by one of them and was so delicious.  It consisted of chicken topped with brisket topped with buffalo sauce and melted cheese.  It sounds like such an odd combination but it totally works.  Sides were black beans and rice. If you like wheat beers Boulevard Wheat is another discovery I’ve made on my trips here.

With all this eating out I’ve been doing lately I really need to get back into a consistent workout routine!  Plan of attack to come.

What is your favorite wheat beer?

What do you do to get yourself back on track with workouts?


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