Kansas City BBQ

We are attending a wedding in Kansas City this weekend of a friend of ours from high school.  The whole trip worked out extremely well as I was already coming out to Topeka for work, so I could just stay through the weekend.  Zac was able to come in earlier which saved on the flight and also got to spend some time with the groom yesterday.

I worked a half day at the office and then we made the trip from Topeka to Kansas City.  We arrived at the hotel around one in the afternoon and headed out for a late lunch and to explore the area.

KC Skyline

We are staying at a Courtyard Marriott and the room has a great view of downtown.  We’re sharing it with another friend so with 3 people in the room it’s a bit of a mess already!

After lunch, we headed into downtown Kansas City.  We wandered around a bit and visited to the College Basketball Hall of Fame.

College Basketball Hall of Fame

ShootingAfter the Hall of Fame we rushed over to make the last tour of the day at Boulevard Brewery.  The tour was about 45 minutes and afterwards we got to try four beers of our choice.  I tried the Test Nelson, 80 Acre Wheat, Dry Stout and Tank 7.

Brewery Tour

For dinner, we went to get some authentic Kansas City BBQ at Jack Stack.  We split the Roundup combo.  It had ribs, sliced pork, sliced beef, sliced ham and three sides.  So much food! We left stuffed with deliciousness.

BBQ Dinner

Off to bed, we’ve got a wedding to go to tomorrow!

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