Wedding Venue

In my mind, selecting the wedding venue was the first big decision of wedding planning that needed to be made.  After the venue was selected, then a date could be selected and everything else will be able to fall into place around it.  I’m hoping this proves to be the case, but I won’t know for sure until many months from now!

Sometimes I wonder how we functioned before search engines like Google.  I found so many possibilities that I probably wouldn’t have known existed if they hadn’t been all presented to me in link form in a matter of seconds.  I thought that picking a venue would be similar to picking a college.  You would select a handful of places to visit, and just get a feeling of “yes, I could see myself here” at one of them.  This was not the case for us.

We narrowed our search to places that would be under an hour drive from the church and narrowed further to the eight we thought would give us a variety.  Then we picked a weekend to drive up to Connecticut and shoved 4 appointments each into Saturday and Sunday.  We visited a rustic barn, a historic mansion, a boathouse on the river, a country club, a banquet hall on the river, a banquet hall attached to a restaurant, a banquet hall in a park and a downtown ballroom.

Of the eight places we visited, four of them stuck out to us.  When we got back to Virginia, we sat down and wrote out what we liked and didn’t like about each and narrowed ourselves down to two.  Or so we thought.  After talking about it with our families, one of the two we were considering was discarded and replaced with something we’d originally eliminated.  It was back to the drawing board for a few days.  After much conversation, a few tears and the realization that you can’t please everyone nor can you base your decision on only a few people, we were ready.

We selected the country club as our venue and couldn’t be more excited!  Looking back, this was the place we were both originally leaning towards which helped solidify that this was the place for us.

Our options for Fridays in May and June were fairly open.  We didn’t have our heart set on a certain date, so we went with June 6th.  Our dating anniversary is June 5th so this seemed perfect!

A few details about the venue:

There is a giant window that overlooks the grounds of the golf course and is the focal point of the room.

We will be able to create an all inclusive package for appetizers, dinner, drinks and the cake.  Since we’re planning long distance this will definitely be helpful rather than having to work with different vendors for each of these things.

A coordinator is assigned to help us along the way

25 minute drive from the church and 10 minutes to the nearest hotel

We have customization options with linens or chair ribbons

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