Couch of Pug

Look what arrived in the mail today!  The pug pillow from Naked Decor that I ordered the other day.  When we got back from Kansas on Sunday, there was a festival going on in the neighborhood.  We wandered around a bit and stumbled upon the booth with pet pillows.  They were out of pugs, but we were given a business card with the website and a discount code to use to get the same pricing they offered at the festival.

Since it isn’t the right time to get a pet pug, a pug pillow is the next best thing right?  The best part is that it already matches our couch!

Pug Pillow Face

It even has images on both sides.

Pug Pillow BodyI’m probably way more excited about this pillow than I should be, I can only imagine the excitement when we come home with the real thing.  I’m totally going to be one of those people.  Hopefully not too crazy?

Do you have a dog?  If you do, what breed is it?

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