I Registered!

This open ended workout plan I have going for myself right now of doing something active at least three times a week just isn’t cutting it.

I thought back to when I was most consistent with working out and I came to the conclusion that it was when there was a specific plan.  For volleyball, there were preseason workouts to follow. For races, there were training plans to follow.

When there is a plan laid out for me to stick to, I generally stick to it. This is not surprising at all to me, I am a planner type person who also likes lists.

I’ve run a 5K and an 8K, so I thought why not do a 10K?  I looked at some of the 10K training plans on the internet and most of them were 8 weeks long.  In the other races, I used the Hal Higdon plans as my base and found them to be manageable so I decided to use his plan again. I’d really like to make it through the race with minimal walking breaks so I added an additional 6 weeks of training to the plan to slowly build up my mileage before officially starting the Higdon plan.

After creating the training plan, I looked for a race for sometime in October.  Luckily there was a local 10K so I registered!! I will be running in the Boo! Run for Life 10K on Sunday October 13th.

Boo 10K Logo

The course looks like it will be fun to run near the monuments and along the river.

Boo 10K course

I’m starting my training plan on Monday July 1st.  I’ll be doing 2 runs during the week, plus a long run on the weekend at a minimum.

The plan recommends a stretch and strengthen day, so I’m thinking I’ll use yoga for this.  It also recommends 2 cross training sessions per week as well.  I’m going to start slow here since I think its pretty ambitious to go from 1 or 2 workouts a week to 6 so I need to pace myself.  It will help to have volleyball league on Thursdays until mid August to count as my cross training, although we’re off next week for 4th of July.  In my opinion the runs are the most important and the other workouts are just supplementary.

Here is my week 1 schedule.

Week Of Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
30-Jun Yoga 1 mile run 20 min cross 1 mile run 20 min cross Rest 1.5 mile run

What I Ate Wednesday

Today was a busy day, so you get some poor quality iPhone photos.  We are heading out of town this weekend to attend the wedding of a friend from high school so there was lots to finish up and get ready before leaving tomorrow morning.

Breakfast : Coffee and yogurt

Breakfast 20130626

Lunch: Leftovers from last night’s dinner.  A random concoction of penne pasta, spinach and feta chicken sausage, onion, peppers, feta cheese and balsamic vinegar.

Lunch 20130626

Snack: Watermelon that I’d grab a couple of pieces when I walked by it throughout the afternoon.

Snack 20130626

Dinner: We picked up platters from the local BBQ place, Rockland. I got a beef brisket sandwich with mac and cheese and potato salad as the sides.  Or as my sister would say “carbs and carbs and carbs!”  So delicious though.

Dinner 20130626

Girls Night In

Last night I headed over to my friend Naisha’s apartment for a wine and cheese party.  We were told to bring a bottle of wine, a cheese to go with it and if we wanted, a dish to share.

I decided to bring over Tuscarora Red, one of the bottles I purchased from Rockridge Vineyards at the wine festival earlier this month.  I got a little fancy with my cheese and made caprese skewers with basil from the plant on our balcony.  I made them in advance so all I had to do was drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar over them before I left.

I also made a pasta salad.  I started with a box of original Suddenly Salad and added some additional tri-color rotini, red pepper, green pepper, the rest of the cherry tomatoes, the rest of the mozzarella and some italian dressing.  Simple and quick.

Wine and Cheese Party Spread

There were 8 of us total and we all sampled a few of the wines before settling in to chat and snack with a glass of our favorite.

Wine and Cheese Party

I’m so happy that the girls I’m meeting down here are all turning out to be such great friends.

Neha's picture

Naisha's picture

Washington Nationals vs Colorado Rockies

The Nationals were running their 5 dollar ticket special for games 6/20-6/27 so we bought two tickets to Saturday’s game against the Rockies.  It was a giveaway day as well, we each got baseball totes.  Since they fold up into themselves, I could see it being useful since it packs down to almost nothing and is the nylon material so it would dry out quickly if it got wet.

One of the things I always think is so fun is the Presidents Race that they do during the fourth inning.  They used to have four presidents that raced George, Tom , Abe and Teddy.  This year they added a fifth, Bill.  It used to be a long standing joke that Teddy would never win, but when the Nats made the playoffs last year he finally did!  Recently the presidents have started standing near the entrance to take pictures as people come in so I got my picture with Teddy!

Me with Teddy before the gameOur seats were in section 222, on the first base side.  Not a bad view for only 5 bucks!

View from Nats seatsThe team started off giving up a few runs in the first inning and it didn’t get much better from there.  They ended up losing 7-1.  It was a nice day out though and we still had fun.  Plus I got my Bryce Harper t-shirt!

Zac and I 6-22 Nats game

Five for Friday

Who else is excited for the weekend?  One of the girls I work with in Kansas has this picture at her desk and I laugh every time I see it.



Here are some highlights from the week and what I’m looking forward to this weekend:

1. Yesterday was the first game of my summer volleyball league!  I haven’t played since the fall season so I’m excited to be part of a team again.  Our team is called Sh’boom and it has a few people from the team I was on in the fall as well as some new people.  We played Ball Me Maybe yesterday.  All the games were close, but we ended up losing in game three.

Not our team dcsocialsports.com

Not our team

2. The Nationals have their 5 dollar tickets going on for the next few days so we are heading to the game tomorrow!  I really need to get my Bryce Harper shirt.



3. I don’t know why, but for some reason orange soda is just tasting really good lately.  I’ve had it three times this week.



4. It is supposed to hit 90 here over the weekend.  Hot weather means lots of reading by the pool!


5. I’m going to get a little pampering too.  A pedicure for sure and maybe a manicure as well.  I’ve been keeping up with one of my goals for June and keeping them looking nice, if anything they need to be cut down a bit so they don’t get too long and break off.

Have you ever had a random craving for a few days?

What are your weekend plans?

What I Ate Wednesday

A day of eats from Topeka.  Apologies for the poor quality iPhone pictures from my desk.

When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t terribly excited for hotel breakfast or very hungry so I stopped at Starbucks for an iced coffee.  I ended up with a morning bun as well that I picked at throughout the morning.

Breakfast 20130619Lunch was a chicken wrap with lettuce, tomato, cucumbers and spicy sauce from the cafeteria.

Lunch 20130619Since I didn’t have a snack I was pretty hungry when dinner time rolled around. I headed out to Blue Moose.  I’ve been there a few times over the course of my travels here but I have to say this was probably one of the best meals I’ve had there.  I need to figure out how to recreate this sauce.

Blue Moose

Dinner 20130619

Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles

The Boston Red Sox are in Baltimore for a series this weekend so Zac and I decided to head up there today to catch the game.  The drive is usually under an hour and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway leads right into downtown where all the stadiums are.  We arrived at Camden Yards around 1, bought our tickets at the box office and wandered over to Sliders to grab some lunch.

Since it was a last minute decision, we got some cheap seats up in the third deck.  Here is the view from our seats.

View from seatsSurprisingly, I noticed a good amount of Red Sox fans!  Even though she’s an Orioles fan, this girl was so cute! She had pigtails with bows and a black and orange glittery tutu worn over an O’s onesie.

Little O's fanThe Sox started down 0-2 in the first inning.  They went up 3-2 in the fourth inning and picked up two more runs later in the game.  The Orioles almost had a comeback in the bottom of the 9th, but the Red Sox pulled off the win 5-4.

Us at the game

What I Ate Wednesday

Our building was having some internet difficulties this morning.  How this happens when its 80 degrees and sunny out is beyond me.  It finally stopped resetting itself around lunchtime.  Here were today’s eats!

Breakfast: watermelon and coffee

Loving all the fresh fruit that’s becoming available!

Breakfast 20130612Lunch: lamb kebob platter from the Mediterranean Delights food truck

The nice ladies there even let me substitute the stuffed grape leaves for the chickpeas

Lunch 20130612

Dinner: hamburgers on the grill with a side of baked beans and ear of corn

We tried the maple bacon instead of the usual homestyle beans.  Good decision.

Dinner 20130612I did well with water today! I drank 1500 ml (2 fills of the camelbak waterbottles) and a can of seltzer with dinner.

Monday Meal Plan

This week’s grocery haul was from Giant.  Lately we’ve  been switching between Giant and Harris Teeter depending on the ads.

On the menu this week:

Mushroom Stroganoff

This was our Sunday dinner.  We used beef broth, and it definitely gave it a hearty flavor.  Thick steak cut mushrooms were on sale so we just had a package of those instead of a mix like the recipe.

Shrimp Stir Fry

Garden Alfredo with Chicken (New recipe!)


Hopefully the weather is nice when we make them so we can use the grill that’s outside near the pool!

Baked Chicken Nuggets

What’s on your menu this week?

Weekend Review


It was raining and gross out so we stayed in and rented Les Miserables.  I really enjoyed the movie and I can see why it won all the awards that it did.  I didn’t really know the story line before seeing it, so it was interesting to see that.  I loved the little guy, Gavroche.

from Wikipedia

from Wikipedia


The sun decided to come out and we headed over to Zac’s old building for a daytime BBQ with some friends.

Some of the people went to the Nationals game and the rest of us left for other things.  We headed off to run some errands.  After dinner we went for a walk and then settled in to watch the first episode of The Americans.  We have the whole season sitting on the DVR.  I’m glad we have it all taped to watch, it seems like it will be a really good show!

from FX

from FX


We went to church and then out to breakfast in the morning.  I spent the afternoon at Neha’s house trying on some traditional indian clothes to wear to a wedding we’re going to at the end of the month.  Everything is so colorful and fun! I love all the embroidery and beading on what she lent to me.

Zac and I stepped up our game on our evening walk and jogged the first half and then walked back.  We went just under a mile, but we didn’t stop and had a hill to run up!  Not bad for having not really gone on a run since April.