Five for Friday

Who else is excited for the weekend?  One of the girls I work with in Kansas has this picture at her desk and I laugh every time I see it.

Here are some highlights from the week and what I’m looking forward to this weekend:

1. Yesterday was the first game of my summer volleyball league!  I haven’t played since the fall season so I’m excited to be part of a team again.  Our team is called Sh’boom and it has a few people from the team I was on in the fall as well as some new people.  We played Ball Me Maybe yesterday.  All the games were close, but we ended up losing in game three.

Not our team

Not our team

2. The Nationals have their 5 dollar tickets going on for the next few days so we are heading to the game tomorrow!  I really need to get my Bryce Harper shirt.

3. I don’t know why, but for some reason orange soda is just tasting really good lately.  I’ve had it three times this week.

4. It is supposed to hit 90 here over the weekend.  Hot weather means lots of reading by the pool!


5. I’m going to get a little pampering too.  A pedicure for sure and maybe a manicure as well.  I’ve been keeping up with one of my goals for June and keeping them looking nice, if anything they need to be cut down a bit so they don’t get too long and break off.

Have you ever had a random craving for a few days?

What are your weekend plans?

One thought on “Five for Friday

  1. Mom says:

    like the orange soda pic and front and center is a clear bottle of something called dry blood orange soda~wild

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