I Registered!

This open ended workout plan I have going for myself right now of doing something active at least three times a week just isn’t cutting it.

I thought back to when I was most consistent with working out and I came to the conclusion that it was when there was a specific plan.  For volleyball, there were preseason workouts to follow. For races, there were training plans to follow.

When there is a plan laid out for me to stick to, I generally stick to it. This is not surprising at all to me, I am a planner type person who also likes lists.

I’ve run a 5K and an 8K, so I thought why not do a 10K?  I looked at some of the 10K training plans on the internet and most of them were 8 weeks long.  In the other races, I used the Hal Higdon plans as my base and found them to be manageable so I decided to use his plan again. I’d really like to make it through the race with minimal walking breaks so I added an additional 6 weeks of training to the plan to slowly build up my mileage before officially starting the Higdon plan.

After creating the training plan, I looked for a race for sometime in October.  Luckily there was a local 10K so I registered!! I will be running in the Boo! Run for Life 10K on Sunday October 13th.

Boo 10K Logo

The course looks like it will be fun to run near the monuments and along the river.

Boo 10K course

I’m starting my training plan on Monday July 1st.  I’ll be doing 2 runs during the week, plus a long run on the weekend at a minimum.

The plan recommends a stretch and strengthen day, so I’m thinking I’ll use yoga for this.  It also recommends 2 cross training sessions per week as well.  I’m going to start slow here since I think its pretty ambitious to go from 1 or 2 workouts a week to 6 so I need to pace myself.  It will help to have volleyball league on Thursdays until mid August to count as my cross training, although we’re off next week for 4th of July.  In my opinion the runs are the most important and the other workouts are just supplementary.

Here is my week 1 schedule.

Week Of Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
30-Jun Yoga 1 mile run 20 min cross 1 mile run 20 min cross Rest 1.5 mile run

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