June Goals Review

June just flew by for me.  Now that we are 2 days into July, I thought I would look back on the June goals I made for myself and see how I did.

1) Do some form of physical activity at least 3 times a week

Fail on this one.  I never had more than 2 but, I’m hoping signing up for that 10K and creating a plan will help me get back into the swing of things for July and onward.  Let’s be serious, I want to look awesome in my wedding dress so I need to start working on this now.  Results don’t happen overnight.

2) Keep my nails nice

I did a good job here! I got two manicures and a pedicure throughout the month.  On the second manicure I went with a french so it would look a bit more natural in the engagement photos.  More on that when we get the photos!

3) Drink more water

I’m giving this an eh.  Totally depended on the day, some were great and others not so much.

4) Finish 2 books

What is that saying? Close, but no cigar.  I got 75% of the way through Life After Life and about halfway through American Way of Eating.

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