What I Ate Wednesday

Eats for today from Topeka.  As far as I know, this is my second to last trip here for a while but we shall see.  Our travel could get extended to August and beyond.

Breakfast at the hotel: egg scramble and a banana

Breakfast 20130710Lunch: Turkey Tom from Jimmy John’s

Lunch 20130710Snack: plum

SnackDinner from Blue Moose: salad (not pictured) and crab cakes.  Apparently I am a creature of habit and like to go here on Wednesdays.  The last time I was in Kansas I also went here on Wednesday!  At least I ordered something different?

Dinner 20130710

Typically I like to eat in the bar, there is something a little less sad and lonely about eating in the bar by yourself rather than at a table.  I met a really nice lady tonight and we chatted for about 2 hours just about baseball, jobs, weddings, places we’d been, just anything.  I really enjoy meeting new people, I need to get better at this at home!

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