July Goals Recap


from tumblr

August 1st already?! I’ve been pretty busy lately at work so I feel like the time has been flying by.  I’ve also been keeping myself pretty busy outside of work as well.

1) Keep up with my training plan. CHECK!

I didn’t miss any of the runs and I didn’t walk during any of them either.  As far as the supplementary piece of my training plan, I’m still pleased with how I did.  I only missed 4 cross training sessions and 2 yoga sessions.  I replaced 2 other yoga sessions with long walks.

2) Have remaining big vendors for wedding decided. I’m giving this one a Partial Check.

These include the DJ, limo, and florist.

DJ is settled and we have an estimate from the florist we will likely use.  No progress on the limo.

3) Try one new restaurant. CHECK!

I went to a sushi place in Alexandria called Momo.  I also went out for a drink at Virtue.  Their menu looks really good, I’d like to go back for dinner.

4) Drink more water CHECK!

Much improved from last month.  Running in the heat and humidity certainly helps.

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