10K Training Recap: Week 6

Runs Week of 0805

On the schedule:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
4-Aug Yoga 2.25 mile run 25 min CT 2.25 mile run 30 min CT Rest 2.75 mile run

What actually happened:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
4-Aug 45 min walk 2.25 mile run 1 hour yoga 2.25 mile run Rest Rest 2.75 mile run

I was in Kansas this week and I found a new place to go running! One of the people I work with when I’m out here told me about the Shunga Trail.  It is paved and runs along the Shunga Creek,  the whole trail is a little over 7.5 miles and there are many entrances along the trail.  It reminded me a little bit of the trails near us in Arlington.  When I come back in September I will definitely run on it again.

Only 25 minutes on the schedule for Tuesday’s cross training, but I hadn’t been to yoga in a while and really wanted to go and get a good stretch.  I went to warm flow (85 degrees) at Lava Yoga. The class was full to the brim so it was extra hot in there, I was dripping sweat when I left.

I didn’t make it in time on Thursday to play in the volleyball match. Once my plane landed, we sat out on the tarmac for 20 minutes waiting for our gate and the cab driver wasn’t very good.  I got to the gym just as game three was starting and our team had already lost game 1 and 2 so I just watched.  I guess it was good I’d done the hour of yoga on Tuesday and that I walked on Friday to the sandwich place to get lunch.

For the first time in my training plan, I’ve had to walk during a run.  On Saturday I ran 2.60 miles and walked the last .15 miles.  I had slowed down to look before entering the crosswalk and had to stop as a car went by.  As I stood there waiting for the car to pass, I got a bit light headed.  I waited a bit longer and it wasn’t going away so I decided to walk the remaining .15 miles, cutting through by the high school track to stop for a drink.  I felt fine after having some water and then walked the remainder of the way home as a cool down like I’d originally planned.  Of course, this isn’t the end of the world and I did run 95% of the distance.  What I learned from this is that I need to hydrate better before my runs, especially if I’m choosing the hilly route to run so I don’t run out of steam at the end.  I think as my runs get longer I’ll need to carry some water with me.

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