Charlottesville Day Trip

On Saturday Zac and I took a day trip down to Charlottesville, VA.  From our place, it was just over two hours to get there.

First stop was University of Virginia for a football game!


Unfortunately the Wahoos were not victorious over Ball State.  I enjoyed picking up the cheers though,  Who doesn’t love yelling out “Go Wahoos!”

After the game we headed out to Jefferson Vineyards for a tasting.  The whole Monitcello area is really beautiful and not very far out of town.  Someday I’d like to go back and actually take a tour of the grounds and the house.

Jefferson Vineyard 1

I bought a bottle of Petit Verdot to bring home.  Wish I had taken a picture of it in the glass, the color was gorgeous!

Jefferson Vineyard 2

After the winery, we made our way to historic downtown.  The whole main road has been closed off and everything is pedestrian friendly.  There are a bunch of shops and restaurants.  We settled on Citizen Burger for dinner.  They have lots of local ingredients and homemade sauces and buns.  YUM!


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