Thanksgiving Prep

I’m cooking an entire Thanksgiving meal for the first time tomorrow!

It will just be Zac and I and our friend Matt for dinner so I went with a turkey breast instead of an entire turkey.

On the Thanksgiving Menu:

Turkey Breast (the 6 3/4 lb turkey breast is currently thawing in the fridge)

Mashed Potatoes



Cranberry Sauce

Scalloped Corn

Green Beans


Homemade Apple Pie for dessert

I’m making the pie and cranberry sauce today and mixing up the stuffing so all I have to do is pop it in the oven tomorrow.

Wish me luck!


Breakfast is Served

Raspberry Scones

I love scones.  I actually like all things British Afternoon Tea.  So much so that I want to have a tea party for my bridal shower, complete with fun hats.

I’ve tried a few different recipes and haven’t had much luck until this one.  I’ve made this recipe for Cream Scones twice now in the past few weeks!  The first time I used fresh raspberries and the second time I used fresh blueberries.

From Everyday Food


3/4 cup plus 1 TBL heavy cream

1 egg

2 tsp vanilla extract

2 cups all purpose flour

1/4 cup sugar

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

6 tablespoons cold butter cut into small pieces

1 cup fresh fruit or 2/3 cup dried fruit


Prehear the oven 400 degrees

Combine egg, 3/4 cup of cream and vanilla in a small bowl

In a large bowl, mix flour, sugar, baking powder and salt together

Using pastry blender, cut butter into the flour mixture until it is course meal with a few pea sized pieces of butter remaining

Mix in fruit

With a fork stir in the egg, cream and vanilla mixture until just combined

Put the dough on a lightly floured surface and shape into a 6 inch circle.

Cut into 6 wedges and brush with the remaining 1 TBL cream

Bake for 16-18 minutes on a greased sheet or parchment paper rotating the pan halfway through


What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

When I woke up this morning I was really craving something savory.  I had coffee and 2 hard boiled eggs with tomato and avocado for breakfast.

20131113 Breakfast

When lunchtime rolled around, I thought about having the leftover ravioli from last night’s dinner, but I was hungrier than that so I wandered over to Chipotle for a burrito bowl.  If you haven’t tried the sofritas yet, DO IT!  They are so delicious and you would never know you’re eating tofu.  In addition to the sofritas my bowl had brown rice, fajita veggies, pico di gallo, corn and sour cream.

20131113 Lunch

That burrito bowl kept me full through the afternoon so no snack.

Chicken Fried Steak was on the menu, but Zac worked late so we ended up going out.  We had a $10 off coupon to PF Changs to use by the weekend so just went today instead of Friday.  We split sichuan beef and sweet and sour chicken with brown rice on the side.

20131113 Dinner


Veterans Day 10K

I did it!  I ran my first ever 10K and beat the goal time I had set for myself!

The Veterans Day 10K was run by Pacers Running Store.  I think they do a nice job with their races, the St. Patrick’s Day race I did in March was run by them as well.

I woke up at 6:15, got dressed and had a piece of peanut butter toast and some water.  At 7 we left and drove into DC.  We found parking fairly close in a small lot near the Tidal Basin and then walked over to the Start/Finish area.  It was a little cool in the morning so I wore an extra layer to keep warm before starting.

VD10K before

Around 7:45 the announcer called for runners to start lining up.  I found a space on the left side towards the back of the middle.  I didn’t want to start too far forward or too far back.

As the clock struck 8, the gun went off and the crowd was off and running!

VD10K Start LineThe course was mostly an out and back loop around Potomac Park, with the water station at the same point in the race (about mile 2 and 4), the front runners were already on their way back when I reached the 2 miles!  I ran the entire way to the first water stop, walked through it then and on the way back.  I also walked a little at the turnaround point and around mile 5 to switch my iPhone from Pandora over to my running playlist to put on some good pump up songs to get me to the finish.

My goal was to finish the race in around 1 hour and 10 minutes but I ended up crossing the finish line in 1:08:42!

VD10K me finishingI was so proud of my time!  I went out a little fast and ended up running the first mile in 10:15 and then settled in to around 11 minutes per mile for the remainder of the race.

I really think those extra three weeks of training made a difference in getting me ready.  In the original 10K training plan I was following, I had done long runs of 5 and 5.5 miles and the race would have been the first time running over 6 miles.  With the extra weeks I did the same 2 weekday runs of 3 miles and 2 miles and got in long runs of 5, 5.5 and 6 miles.  I will definitely keep this in mind when I create plans in the future.

Overall, the race was great.  It was sunny, not too windy and the course was really flat.

Now what to sign up for next?!

VD10K at finish line

On The Menu This Week

This week is pretty calm for us, so we are taking advantage and cooking some tasty dinners!

Here’s whats on the menu this week:

-Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Meatballs and Green Beans

-Ravioli and Caesar Salad

-Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes

-Chicken Fried Steak and Broccoli with a baked potato for Zac and acorn squash for me

-Korma Chicken and Basmati Rice