Wedding Registry

Since we already live together, Zac and I have most things for our current household.  However, with my bridal shower coming up and our wedding date getting closer it was time to think about a wedding registry.  We went back and forth with whether we wanted to do a registry at all since storage is limited in our apartment.  But, after seeing what other friends have done and thinking that we’re planning for the future and not just right now, we decided to create a small one.

We settled on registering at two stores, Crate and Barrel and Macy’s.

As for what we registered for, mostly just things that we already had but needed to be replaced.  We did put a few “traditional wedding gift” things that we wanted but would probably never buy for ourselves, I’m looking at you kitchen-aid stand mixer!

Wandering around the stores and looking at and scanning some nice things is pretty fun.



Workouts This Week

1/20 Monday: 3 mile run outside

Run 20140120

1/21 Tuesday: Rest

1/22 Wednesday: 2 mile run on the treadmill


1/23 Thursday: Hot Power Flow Yoga

Mind The Mat Del Rey

1/24 Friday: Volleyball league

Friday Night Volleyball

1/25 Saturday: Does bowling count?  Just kidding…

1/26 Sunday: 4 mile run outside and Flow Yoga.  Although it was pretty slow, I did the run outside in the less than 30 degree weather so I’m proud I was able to motivate myself to do so.  Hopefully it warms up soon!

Run 20140126

Saturday Fun

Saturday morning our apartment complex put on a brunch of chicken and waffles, eggs, yogurt parfaits and mimosas. Yum!! Until moving down here I’d never had chicken and waffles before.  Maple syrup and fried chicken is a surprisingly good flavor combination.

AVA Brunch Sign

Blurry iPhone picture, but it was well attended!
AVA Brunch

After brunch I headed over to meet with Jenn over a cup of coffee to talk about wedding invitations.  Her prices are very reasonable and she really seemed to be on the same page about the look and feel we’re going for on the invitations.  Since we aren’t completely sure what we’d like I am excited to see how she blends all of the things I told her and comes up with some design possibilities.  I think custom invitations will really give us that something extra.  She is going to send us some font options later this week to start with.

Saturday Night we went bowling at Fort Myer with some friends.  Fort Myer is an army base in Arlington near the Pentagon.

Bowling Alley

I hadn’t been bowling since last Memorial Day and my scores reflected it.  I did beat Zac though!  Not something you would normally think of to do, but with a big group of people bowling a few games was actually pretty fun.  Doesn’t hurt that a bucket of beers is only 10 bucks either!

Bowling Balls

Friday Things

I’ve been having a good blog week with getting a post up everyday.  Yesterday I was pretty busy and just didn’t feel like I had anything interesting to write about.  Oh well!

I’m really really glad its Friday, with the snow and cold weather it feels like this week took forever.  I’ll leave you with some reflections from the week and weekend plans…

1. Zac comes home today!  He has been in Alabama all week for the Senior Bowl.  Its nice to have the place to yourself for a little bit, but then it starts to get a bit lonely.

2. I ordered the Jade Yoga Mat the other day with some Christmas money.  Can’t wait until it arrives!  I really want to try and get to more than one yoga class per week.  It helps stretch me out from the running I’m doing and I typically leave class feeling tired but energized. I figure if that’s the case why shouldn’t I do it more often?

3. In that spirit, I tried out a new class yesterday at the main studio in Alexandria.  It was called Hot Power Flow I.  What a great class!  I was a bit worried about the ‘power’ part that I wouldn’t be able to keep up but I did and it was a great workout.  While there were typical vinyasa aspects of the class, the way the sequences were to go between the poses was a bit different and we did some poses I’d never done before.  She also did a bit of a workshop for a few minutes on ways to get into the side crow pose, which let us cool down a bit.  I’m always intimidated by poses like that so it was really great to try it with her tips even if I didn’t get into the pose last night. I know with some practice I can do it!

Mind The Mat Del Rey

4. I’ve got volleyball league tonight.  There was no room for individuals not already on a team in the DC Social Sports league that I had been playing in. After some googling, I found the Chantilly Women’s League and emailed the organizer to ask if there were teams that needed any additional players.  Well, luckily for me one team has a woman who is pregnant so they do.  A bit weird that the games are spread out through the week instead of all on one night but I suppose gym time is hard to come by.

5. I have a meeting set up for Saturday morning with a local designer to talk about wedding invitations.  I hope she has some great ideas for us and her pricing fits in the budget.  Her style is described as traditional with a twist, which is pretty much what we’re looking for so cross your fingers it works out!

6. Anyone else secretly happy Justin Bieber got arrested for his antics?  No? Just me?

7.  I need to run 4 miles this weekend.  The forecast says 36 degrees for tomorrow.  4 miles would kinda suck on the treadmill so I’m thinking I need to suck it up and run outside.

8.  My W2s arrived this week.  All 3 of them.  If you work in 3 or more states in a year the company will reimburse your taxes if you go to H&R Block to get them done.  That will be a nice perk.  Since I’d moved from NJ to VA last year and still went to NJ for work a few times I went to H&R Block get them done just so I didn’t screw anything up.  While it ended up being good I did that because my W2 info somehow didn’t get switched over to VA so I needed to get an amended one, it cost a pretty penny!  It will be awesome to get my entire refund back this year.

9.  One of the best pug pictures ever.

10. Happy Friday everyone!

What I Ate Wednesday

Breakfast: Coffee and two frittata muffins.  I got the idea to make these from watching The Biggest Loser.  Mine have turkey bacon, sauteed onion and bell pepper, some cheese and the eggs and milk.  I’ll try out some other flavor combinations next week.

20140122 Breakfast

Lunch: Leftover turkey chili taco soup

20140122 Lunch

Dinner: A few slices of bread, some cheese, and some olives.  Sometimes you just want snacks for dinner, on a paper plate so there aren’t dishes to wash.

20140122 Dinner

Easy Weeknight Meal

While this recipe requires a decent amount of ingredients, it is super easy, healthy and delicious.  It is fairly inexpensive too if you can catch a sale on some canned goods at the grocery store.

I present Skinnytaste’s Turkey Chili Taco Soup!

Turkey Chili Taco Soup Ingredients

All you need to to is cook a package of ground turkey along with some chopped onion and bell pepper.  Mix in the taco seasoning, then the rest of the ingredients are all canned so you dump them in, stir and simmer until its heated through.

Turkey Chili Taco Soup Finished

I plan on having the leftovers for lunch the next few days and freezing individual servings of the rest!

Wedding Updates

We’ve gotten a lot of planning done lately.  Here’s what we’ve done over the last 6 weeks!

-bought my veil

-filled in the Wedding Website

-0rdered wedding stamps before postage went up

-ordered, addressed and sent out the Save the Dates

-picked out the menu for the reception

-selected our cake flavor and style

-put a deposit down for the florist

-picked out the tuxes for groomsmen and fathers

Up Next:

-finalize the hotel blocks

-create the registries

-arrange limos

-shop for wedding bands

A Day of Eats

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of turkey bacon and coffee.

20140116 BreakfastLunch: Leftover Chicken Pad Thai. Instead of noodles, it was spaghetti squash which is surprisingly good and gives a nice crunch. This was another paleo recipe from The Clothes Make the Girl that I modified a bit to use ingredients I had.

20140116 Lunch

Dinner: Taco Salad


New To Me Recipes

In the New Years Resolution spirit I’ve tried to spice things up a bit at the dinner table and have tried some new recipes.

In an effort to eat a bit cleaner/healthier, these are paleo recipes that I modified to use “regular” ingredients (ie soy sauce instead of coconut aminos)

Some of the hits so far:

Hot and Sweet Ginger Garlic Chicken from Balanced Bites.  I did use bone in chicken thighs, but skinless ones.  On the side were steamed green beans.

Ginger Garlic Chicken

Bora Bora Fireballs from The Clothes Make the Girl.  I served it with the recommended confetti cauliflower.  I went the lazy route and just mixed the toasted coconut flakes into the meatballs instead of dipping in pineapple juice and coating the outside with the flakes like the recipe says. We really liked the flavor of these, but thought they needed some sort of dipping sauce, or maybe we’re just used to regular meatballs with tomato sauce?

Bora Bora Fireballs