What I Ate Wednesday

Breakfast: coffee and yogurt
20130918 BreakfastLunch: turkey sandwich and strawberries

20140226 LunchDinner: chicken with jalfrezi simmer sauce and rice

20140226 DinnerI should probably put away the snowman placemats huh?


Workouts This Week

20140222 Run

2/17 Monday- Rest

2/18 Tuesday- 4 mile run.  Outside!!! At 40 degrees we are starting to thaw out.

2/19 Wednesday-Rest

2/20 Thursday- 3 mile run and volleyball league

2/21 Friday- Rest

2/22 Saturday- 7 mile run.  60 degrees feels so nice!

2/23 Sunday- Rest

20140222 Twilight RunThoughts on the week:

I didn’t do much other than running this week.  Next week I need to get my cross training up.  I was loving the weather this week, I even wore shorts on my run on Saturday afternoon! I think I may need a change of scenery for the long runs, I’ve been running the same direction on the trail and got to a big busy intersection at my 3.5 mile turnaround.  I’ll have to look at the trail map and see where some other paths link up for my upcoming runs.

Jam and Preserve Making Class

In my continued quest to learn “old fashioned” skills and have more hobbies, I signed up for a jam and preserve making class through Living Social.

The class was held at the 918 F Street Living Social building and said that we would learn to make two different things and would take home a jar of each.  My friend Shivali was in DC for work this week so I asked if she wanted to take the class with me.

I’d never been to 918 F Street building before, but this was pretty impressive.  There are 6 floors each with different set ups for all the types of things Living Social offers there.  Our class was on the 6th floor and each workstation was set up for 2 people with ingredients waiting.

Jam Supplies

The teacher of the class was named Amy and she told us a bit about herself and what we’d be doing.  We learned we were going to be making a spiced apple chutney and a ginger vanilla pear jam.

The chutney was first so we got to chopping everything!  The chutney is more of a rough texture and Amy said it pairs nicely with a gamey meat or pork.  She also suggested using it as a filling for turnovers or mixing into your traditional apple pie filling for a twist.

Spicy Apple ChutneyIn between our batches, the Living Social workers took our pots and spoons to be washed so Amy did a demonstration on how to make cordial cherries for mixed drinks.  We got to try them at the end of the class if we wanted and they were tasty!

When everything was clean we started on the pear jam.  After you simmer the fruit until its soft, you use a stick blender to get the consistency you want.  Glad I put one of those on the wedding registry!

Pear JamHere is the finished product!  We learned that it is best to fill the jars when everything is hot and then put the top on.  As the liquid cools in the jar it helps create a seal.

Finished ProductShivali and I had a good time at the class and will definitely be making jam on our own when we run out of what we have because it was a lot easier than I thought it would be!

Intro to Knitting

I have always admired people who have “old fashioned” skills like sewing and knitting.  When I saw an online deal for two knitting classes I jumped at the chance.  I took my classes with Teri through knitting101.org.

In my first class, I learned how to cast on and do a basic knit stitch.  I used size 8, straight, wooden needles and worsted weight yarn.  My first project was a scarf.

Scarf edited

In the second class, I learned how to cast off, finish my scarf and do a purl stitch.  Since my friend Beverly was pregnant with her first son, I decided my second project would be a baby blanket for him.  For this project I used size 10.5, circular, wooded needles and a washable navy yarn.

Baby Blanket

Next up, I want to continue to work on my circular needle skills and work on knitting in a pattern so I am going to knit a hat for Zac.

Edited to add: The scarf took me about 3 weeks to complete.  The blanket took me much longer.  I started it the first weekend of December and just finished it last night.  I had originally hoped to finish it in early January, but sometimes things just get busy!

Workouts This Week

Weekday treadmill running again this week due to snow.  I had to move my long run to Sunday as well because it was snowing on Saturday morning.  This week the treadmill was a bit more manageable because I could watch the Olympics!

Olympics Treadmill

2/10 Monday: Rest

2/11 Tuesday- 3 mile run on the treadmill

2/12 Wednesday- Ice Skating

2/13 Thursday- 3 mile run on the treadmill

2/14 Friday- Rest

2/15 Saturday-Rest

2/16 Sunday- 6.5 mile run outside

20140216 Run

A Day Of Eats

Good thing I didn’t decide to become a food blogger because I’m not very consistent.  I forgot to take pictures of stuff on Wednesday so here’s what I ate on Thursday instead.

Breakfast: english muffin, two eggs and some cheddar cheese with coffee

20140213 BreakfastLunch: With the snow we’re getting, I really wanted a bowl of chili or something equally hearty for lunch.  Luckily I found a frozen serving of Skinnytaste Turkey Chili Taco Soup so I reheated that.

20140122 LunchSnack: around 3:30 I was hungry again so I had some hummus and veggies

20140213 SnackDinner: burger with sweet potato oven fries and baked beans.  This was my first attempt at making oven fries with sweet potatoes!  I used this recipe.

20140213 DinnerDessert: 2 chocolate chip cookies and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

20140213 Dessert

Ice Skating in the Snow

There is an ice skating rink that opened recently in Zac’s old neighborhood.  The rink is in Canal Park and has a restaurant right near it called Park Tavern.  We had been waiting for a good weekend to go but it always seemed like we were busy or when we weren’t the weather was bad (raining, cold, etc).

Skating Rink

Watching the Olympics inspired us a bit, so we planned to go Thursday or Friday this week.

With the 8-12 inches of snow projected for the DC area beginning Wednesday night we figured people would be staying in so it would be a good idea to take advantage of that and go to the rink Wednesday night instead.  We called them to double check that they would still be open and they said they were!

Skates by rink

I hadn’t been ice skating since maybe 4th or 5th grade when I would have gone with Girl Scouts.  It took a little while to get the hang of it again and I stayed by the wall in case I needed to catch myself.

Me skatingThe rink was nice because the area was quiet and there were still some lights up.  It was also a square in the middle with loops on the sides so there was some variety to skate on.  It was snowing lightly while we were there so it was pretty out.  We had a great time!

Us skating

Calligraphy Class: Week 2

Last night I went to the second week of my Introduction to Pointed Pen Calligraphy class.  We learned how to attach the nib to the oblique (this is what the holder is called).  Once we had our pens set up, we learned how to load them with ink and moved on to learning to use the pen.  We reviewed the different strokes that make up the letters and then went on to combining them to make the letters.  We also played around with the thick and thin lines to create patterns.  Our assignment for next week is to practice with the pen by doodling patterns.

Calligraphy Class Week 2

Workouts This Week

20140209 Run

I can’t believe it is already February!!

2/3 Monday: 3 mile Run

Did this one on the treadmill because it was pouring rain outside.

2/4 Tuesday: Rest

Wanted to do strength training of some sort, but worked late and then needed to get to my calligraphy class.

2/5 Wednesday: 3 mile Run

Treadmill…again.  Raining…again.

2/6 Thursday: Volleyball League

2/7 Friday: Rest

2/8 Saturday: Rest

2/9 Sunday: 6 mile run