Workouts This Week

1/27 Monday: Power Flow Yoga I/II

Since I enjoyed the Hot Power Flow class I took last week, I thought I’d try this Monday night class.  This one was just lightly heated, but with the mix of I/II levels it was still a tough workout!  There were a few people in the class who were REALLY good.

1/28 Tuesday: 2.5 mile run on the treadmill

Brr!! Had to stay inside for this one since it was 15 degrees out before the windchill here.

1/29 Wednesday: Wandering around Macy’s for 2 hours with a scanner gun counts as cross training right?

1/30 Thursday: 3 mile run and volleyball league

It was still fairly cold, just barely 30 degrees so I bundled up a bit for this one.

20140130 Run

1/31 Friday: Rest

2/1 Saturday: 5 mile run

We got a break from the cold and it was almost 50 degrees out!!

20140201 Run

2/2 Sunday: Rest

Thoughts on the week: I’m really getting into the groove of doing my weekday runs during my lunch hour.  It is such a nice feeling at the end of the day to know I’ve already gotten my workout in.  Things to work on for next week will be incorporating some strength training and drinking more water.

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