A Day Of Eats

Good thing I didn’t decide to become a food blogger because I’m not very consistent.  I forgot to take pictures of stuff on Wednesday so here’s what I ate on Thursday instead.

Breakfast: english muffin, two eggs and some cheddar cheese with coffee

20140213 BreakfastLunch: With the snow we’re getting, I really wanted a bowl of chili or something equally hearty for lunch.  Luckily I found a frozen serving of Skinnytaste Turkey Chili Taco Soup so I reheated that.

20140122 LunchSnack: around 3:30 I was hungry again so I had some hummus and veggies

20140213 SnackDinner: burger with sweet potato oven fries and baked beans.  This was my first attempt at making oven fries with sweet potatoes!  I used this recipe.

20140213 DinnerDessert: 2 chocolate chip cookies and a scoop of vanilla ice cream

20140213 Dessert

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