Intro to Knitting

I have always admired people who have “old fashioned” skills like sewing and knitting.  When I saw an online deal for two knitting classes I jumped at the chance.  I took my classes with Teri through

In my first class, I learned how to cast on and do a basic knit stitch.  I used size 8, straight, wooden needles and worsted weight yarn.  My first project was a scarf.

Scarf edited

In the second class, I learned how to cast off, finish my scarf and do a purl stitch.  Since my friend Beverly was pregnant with her first son, I decided my second project would be a baby blanket for him.  For this project I used size 10.5, circular, wooded needles and a washable navy yarn.

Baby Blanket

Next up, I want to continue to work on my circular needle skills and work on knitting in a pattern so I am going to knit a hat for Zac.

Edited to add: The scarf took me about 3 weeks to complete.  The blanket took me much longer.  I started it the first weekend of December and just finished it last night.  I had originally hoped to finish it in early January, but sometimes things just get busy!


3 thoughts on “Intro to Knitting

  1. ingridbolanos says:

    Nice job on the scarf and blanket. I’m a new knitter too and just completed knitting a cowl scarf with circular needles. Quite fun and I enjoy it very much. I find it to be a wonderful stress reliever. 🙂

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