Jam and Preserve Making Class

In my continued quest to learn “old fashioned” skills and have more hobbies, I signed up for a jam and preserve making class through Living Social.

The class was held at the 918 F Street Living Social building and said that we would learn to make two different things and would take home a jar of each.  My friend Shivali was in DC for work this week so I asked if she wanted to take the class with me.

I’d never been to 918 F Street building before, but this was pretty impressive.  There are 6 floors each with different set ups for all the types of things Living Social offers there.  Our class was on the 6th floor and each workstation was set up for 2 people with ingredients waiting.

Jam Supplies

The teacher of the class was named Amy and she told us a bit about herself and what we’d be doing.  We learned we were going to be making a spiced apple chutney and a ginger vanilla pear jam.

The chutney was first so we got to chopping everything!  The chutney is more of a rough texture and Amy said it pairs nicely with a gamey meat or pork.  She also suggested using it as a filling for turnovers or mixing into your traditional apple pie filling for a twist.

Spicy Apple ChutneyIn between our batches, the Living Social workers took our pots and spoons to be washed so Amy did a demonstration on how to make cordial cherries for mixed drinks.  We got to try them at the end of the class if we wanted and they were tasty!

When everything was clean we started on the pear jam.  After you simmer the fruit until its soft, you use a stick blender to get the consistency you want.  Glad I put one of those on the wedding registry!

Pear JamHere is the finished product!  We learned that it is best to fill the jars when everything is hot and then put the top on.  As the liquid cools in the jar it helps create a seal.

Finished ProductShivali and I had a good time at the class and will definitely be making jam on our own when we run out of what we have because it was a lot easier than I thought it would be!


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