Workouts This Week

3/10 Monday- Rest

3/11 Tuesday- Run 4 miles

20140311 Collage

3/12 Wednesday- Rest

3/13 Thursday- Run 3 miles

3/14 Friday- Rest

3/15 Saturday- Rest

3/16 Sunday- Run 6.5 miles

I originally had 8.5 miles on the schedule for Saturday.  We had lots of errands to do the remaining prep for my bridal shower so that didn’t happen.  I got up on Sunday with enough time to run the 8.5 miles, but the Rails to Trails trail was only plowed out to 3 miles!  I ran the extra quarter mile thinking maybe I’d get to where it was plowed again but no such luck.  My feet kept punching through the snow so I just turned back then.  With going slow on the few icy parts of the trail I ended up being out for 1 hour and 20 minutes so it was still a solid run.  My shoes were so muddy though!

20140316 Run Collage


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