Workouts This Week

3/17 Monday- Rest

3/18 Tuesday- Run 3 miles

3/19 Wednesday-Rest

3/20 Thursday- Run 4 miles

3/21 Friday- Rest

3/22 Saturday- Run 9 3 miles

9 miles was on the schedule.  It was in the 60s which is perfect running weather.  I set out for my run and it was going well, I’d planned to run on the Custis Trail down into Rosslyn and cross over the Key Bridge and then turn back.  As I was running down into Rosslyn I tripped on I’m not sure what, a crack in the sidewalk?  I scraped up my left palm but my knees are fine.  I had the water bottle strapped to my right hand so that took some of the force too.  My right hip was killing me and I wasn’t sure what was wrong so I called Zac to come pick me up.  Thankfully I was running along the road at this point and not on a remote part of the trail where a car couldn’t go.  I got home and stood in a hot shower, stretched it out a bit and then pretty much laid on the couch for the rest of the night.  My hip is still sore today (Monday) so I plan on trying the bike or the elliptical today to see if either of those help loosen it up.

3/23 Sunday- Rest


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