Workouts This Week

3/17 Monday- Rest

3/18 Tuesday- Run 3 miles

3/19 Wednesday-Rest

3/20 Thursday- Run 4 miles

3/21 Friday- Rest

3/22 Saturday- Run 9 3 miles

9 miles was on the schedule.  It was in the 60s which is perfect running weather.  I set out for my run and it was going well, I’d planned to run on the Custis Trail down into Rosslyn and cross over the Key Bridge and then turn back.  As I was running down into Rosslyn I tripped on I’m not sure what, a crack in the sidewalk?  I scraped up my left palm but my knees are fine.  I had the water bottle strapped to my right hand so that took some of the force too.  My right hip was killing me and I wasn’t sure what was wrong so I called Zac to come pick me up.  Thankfully I was running along the road at this point and not on a remote part of the trail where a car couldn’t go.  I got home and stood in a hot shower, stretched it out a bit and then pretty much laid on the couch for the rest of the night.  My hip is still sore today (Monday) so I plan on trying the bike or the elliptical today to see if either of those help loosen it up.

3/23 Sunday- Rest


Workouts This Week

3/10 Monday- Rest

3/11 Tuesday- Run 4 miles

20140311 Collage

3/12 Wednesday- Rest

3/13 Thursday- Run 3 miles

3/14 Friday- Rest

3/15 Saturday- Rest

3/16 Sunday- Run 6.5 miles

I originally had 8.5 miles on the schedule for Saturday.  We had lots of errands to do the remaining prep for my bridal shower so that didn’t happen.  I got up on Sunday with enough time to run the 8.5 miles, but the Rails to Trails trail was only plowed out to 3 miles!  I ran the extra quarter mile thinking maybe I’d get to where it was plowed again but no such luck.  My feet kept punching through the snow so I just turned back then.  With going slow on the few icy parts of the trail I ended up being out for 1 hour and 20 minutes so it was still a solid run.  My shoes were so muddy though!

20140316 Run Collage

Workouts This Week

3/3 Monday- 3 mile run

3/4 Tuesday- Rest

3/5 Wednesday- 3 mile run

3/6 Thursday- Rest

3/7 Friday- Rest

3/8 Saturday- Rest

3/9 Sunday- 8 mile run

What an awful run.  My stomach did not feel well during the run for some reason and towards the end, my right hip was hurting as well.  There was lots of walking.  I’m proud of myself for pushing through and getting the 8 miles in, although I didn’t have much choice since I had to get back somehow!  Hopefully next weeks runs are better!

20140309 Run

Workouts This Week

20140222 Run

2/17 Monday- Rest

2/18 Tuesday- 4 mile run.  Outside!!! At 40 degrees we are starting to thaw out.

2/19 Wednesday-Rest

2/20 Thursday- 3 mile run and volleyball league

2/21 Friday- Rest

2/22 Saturday- 7 mile run.  60 degrees feels so nice!

2/23 Sunday- Rest

20140222 Twilight RunThoughts on the week:

I didn’t do much other than running this week.  Next week I need to get my cross training up.  I was loving the weather this week, I even wore shorts on my run on Saturday afternoon! I think I may need a change of scenery for the long runs, I’ve been running the same direction on the trail and got to a big busy intersection at my 3.5 mile turnaround.  I’ll have to look at the trail map and see where some other paths link up for my upcoming runs.

Workouts This Week

Weekday treadmill running again this week due to snow.  I had to move my long run to Sunday as well because it was snowing on Saturday morning.  This week the treadmill was a bit more manageable because I could watch the Olympics!

Olympics Treadmill

2/10 Monday: Rest

2/11 Tuesday- 3 mile run on the treadmill

2/12 Wednesday- Ice Skating

2/13 Thursday- 3 mile run on the treadmill

2/14 Friday- Rest

2/15 Saturday-Rest

2/16 Sunday- 6.5 mile run outside

20140216 Run

Workouts This Week

20140209 Run

I can’t believe it is already February!!

2/3 Monday: 3 mile Run

Did this one on the treadmill because it was pouring rain outside.

2/4 Tuesday: Rest

Wanted to do strength training of some sort, but worked late and then needed to get to my calligraphy class.

2/5 Wednesday: 3 mile Run

Treadmill…again.  Raining…again.

2/6 Thursday: Volleyball League

2/7 Friday: Rest

2/8 Saturday: Rest

2/9 Sunday: 6 mile run

Workouts This Week

1/27 Monday: Power Flow Yoga I/II

Since I enjoyed the Hot Power Flow class I took last week, I thought I’d try this Monday night class.  This one was just lightly heated, but with the mix of I/II levels it was still a tough workout!  There were a few people in the class who were REALLY good.

1/28 Tuesday: 2.5 mile run on the treadmill

Brr!! Had to stay inside for this one since it was 15 degrees out before the windchill here.

1/29 Wednesday: Wandering around Macy’s for 2 hours with a scanner gun counts as cross training right?

1/30 Thursday: 3 mile run and volleyball league

It was still fairly cold, just barely 30 degrees so I bundled up a bit for this one.

20140130 Run

1/31 Friday: Rest

2/1 Saturday: 5 mile run

We got a break from the cold and it was almost 50 degrees out!!

20140201 Run

2/2 Sunday: Rest

Thoughts on the week: I’m really getting into the groove of doing my weekday runs during my lunch hour.  It is such a nice feeling at the end of the day to know I’ve already gotten my workout in.  Things to work on for next week will be incorporating some strength training and drinking more water.

Workouts This Week

1/20 Monday: 3 mile run outside

Run 20140120

1/21 Tuesday: Rest

1/22 Wednesday: 2 mile run on the treadmill


1/23 Thursday: Hot Power Flow Yoga

Mind The Mat Del Rey

1/24 Friday: Volleyball league

Friday Night Volleyball

1/25 Saturday: Does bowling count?  Just kidding…

1/26 Sunday: 4 mile run outside and Flow Yoga.  Although it was pretty slow, I did the run outside in the less than 30 degree weather so I’m proud I was able to motivate myself to do so.  Hopefully it warms up soon!

Run 20140126

Friday Things

I’ve been having a good blog week with getting a post up everyday.  Yesterday I was pretty busy and just didn’t feel like I had anything interesting to write about.  Oh well!

I’m really really glad its Friday, with the snow and cold weather it feels like this week took forever.  I’ll leave you with some reflections from the week and weekend plans…

1. Zac comes home today!  He has been in Alabama all week for the Senior Bowl.  Its nice to have the place to yourself for a little bit, but then it starts to get a bit lonely.

2. I ordered the Jade Yoga Mat the other day with some Christmas money.  Can’t wait until it arrives!  I really want to try and get to more than one yoga class per week.  It helps stretch me out from the running I’m doing and I typically leave class feeling tired but energized. I figure if that’s the case why shouldn’t I do it more often?

3. In that spirit, I tried out a new class yesterday at the main studio in Alexandria.  It was called Hot Power Flow I.  What a great class!  I was a bit worried about the ‘power’ part that I wouldn’t be able to keep up but I did and it was a great workout.  While there were typical vinyasa aspects of the class, the way the sequences were to go between the poses was a bit different and we did some poses I’d never done before.  She also did a bit of a workshop for a few minutes on ways to get into the side crow pose, which let us cool down a bit.  I’m always intimidated by poses like that so it was really great to try it with her tips even if I didn’t get into the pose last night. I know with some practice I can do it!

Mind The Mat Del Rey

4. I’ve got volleyball league tonight.  There was no room for individuals not already on a team in the DC Social Sports league that I had been playing in. After some googling, I found the Chantilly Women’s League and emailed the organizer to ask if there were teams that needed any additional players.  Well, luckily for me one team has a woman who is pregnant so they do.  A bit weird that the games are spread out through the week instead of all on one night but I suppose gym time is hard to come by.

5. I have a meeting set up for Saturday morning with a local designer to talk about wedding invitations.  I hope she has some great ideas for us and her pricing fits in the budget.  Her style is described as traditional with a twist, which is pretty much what we’re looking for so cross your fingers it works out!

6. Anyone else secretly happy Justin Bieber got arrested for his antics?  No? Just me?

7.  I need to run 4 miles this weekend.  The forecast says 36 degrees for tomorrow.  4 miles would kinda suck on the treadmill so I’m thinking I need to suck it up and run outside.

8.  My W2s arrived this week.  All 3 of them.  If you work in 3 or more states in a year the company will reimburse your taxes if you go to H&R Block to get them done.  That will be a nice perk.  Since I’d moved from NJ to VA last year and still went to NJ for work a few times I went to H&R Block get them done just so I didn’t screw anything up.  While it ended up being good I did that because my W2 info somehow didn’t get switched over to VA so I needed to get an amended one, it cost a pretty penny!  It will be awesome to get my entire refund back this year.

9.  One of the best pug pictures ever.

10. Happy Friday everyone!