What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Breakfast: coffee with eggs, tomato and avocado

20130925 Breakfast

Lunch: salad consisting of lettuce, red pepper, the leftover mexican rice, a sprinkle of cheese, salsa, a crumbled veggie burger and guacamole

20130925 Lunch

Dinner: spaghetti and meatballs

20130925 Dinner


What I Ate Wednesday

After eating indian food with rich sauces and lots of rice this weekend at a two day wedding, I needed a bit of a reset.  I’ve been trying to get in additional fruits and veggies where I can.

Breakfast: green smoothie consisting of a banana, strawberries, spinach and a scoop of protein powder

Breakfast 20130703Lunch: salad of mixed greens, tomato, and peppers topped with a MorningStar spicy black bean burger, cheese and salsa.

Lunch 20130703

Snack: greek yogurt with a few berries

Snack 20130703

Dinner: baked chicken nuggets with green grapes

Dinner 20130703And now off to see the movie I’ve been waiting months to see!