July Goals

Happy 4th of July everyone!



Now that June has come and gone, my goals for July are to:

1) Keep up with my training plan.

I want to stick as close to my plan as possible, especially when I’m traveling.  I think it will help to post weekly workout recaps.

2) Have remaining big vendors for wedding decided.

These include the DJ, limo, and florist.  It wouldn’t hurt to figure out our hotel block either.

3) Try one new restaurant.

I feel like lately if we do go out for dinner, we tend to go to the same places all the time.  Since we live right near DC we should take more advantage of the variety that the city has to offer!

4) Drink more water

I’m carrying this one one over.

What are your goals for the month?


What I Ate Wednesday

Our building was having some internet difficulties this morning.  How this happens when its 80 degrees and sunny out is beyond me.  It finally stopped resetting itself around lunchtime.  Here were today’s eats!

Breakfast: watermelon and coffee

Loving all the fresh fruit that’s becoming available!

Breakfast 20130612Lunch: lamb kebob platter from the Mediterranean Delights food truck

The nice ladies there even let me substitute the stuffed grape leaves for the chickpeas

Lunch 20130612

Dinner: hamburgers on the grill with a side of baked beans and ear of corn

We tried the maple bacon instead of the usual homestyle beans.  Good decision.

Dinner 20130612I did well with water today! I drank 1500 ml (2 fills of the camelbak waterbottles) and a can of seltzer with dinner.

Goals for June

I like to make a few goals for myself each month.  Sometimes I keep the same goal for the next month or build on something I accomplished from the month before.

Now that I have a blog to keep track of everything, I can write them here instead of in a notebook!

This month, I’d like to…

1) Do some form of physical activity at least 3 times a week

For whatever reason, I’ve  been slacking lately on working out so I want to get myself back into a more regular routine

2) Keep my nails nice

This could be either by getting manicures or painting my nails myself

3) Drink more water

Pretty self explanatory.

4) Finish 2 books

I have a few on my kindle and in the bookshelf just waiting to be read.  Hopefully having a pool to sit by on the weekends helps this goal!

What are your goals for the month?

Monday Meal Planning


Being gone for a week and eating out the whole time sure does make you crave some meals that you cook yourself.  Here’s what’s on our menu this week:


Moroccan Meatballs (with beef instead of lamb) and my first attempt at cauliflower rice.

Homemade pizza

Chicken in indian simmer sauce with rice

Ravioli with marinara sauce

After seeing those meatballs on Rachel’s menu plan for the past few weeks I figured this recipe had to be a hit.  The other things make regular appearances on our menu.  We typically buy the jar of Patak’s simmer sauce, it is the one with the purple label and add in some vegetables.



And probably a lunch out at the deli down the road


Green Smoothies

Fruit and Yogurt

So much fruit on sale at the grocery store lately.  I’ve got cantalope, blueberries and some watermelon to eat this week.

I’m leaving the weekend open at this point in anticipation of some cookouts for Memorial Day.

I’ve been slacking on my water consumption lately.  I’m setting myself a goal of drinking 2-3 of my 750ml camelback water bottle which will give me a 50-75 oz total.