Wedding Registry

Since we already live together, Zac and I have most things for our current household.  However, with my bridal shower coming up and our wedding date getting closer it was time to think about a wedding registry.  We went back and forth with whether we wanted to do a registry at all since storage is limited in our apartment.  But, after seeing what other friends have done and thinking that we’re planning for the future and not just right now, we decided to create a small one.

We settled on registering at two stores, Crate and Barrel and Macy’s.

As for what we registered for, mostly just things that we already had but needed to be replaced.  We did put a few “traditional wedding gift” things that we wanted but would probably never buy for ourselves, I’m looking at you kitchen-aid stand mixer!

Wandering around the stores and looking at and scanning some nice things is pretty fun.



Wedding Photographer

At the end of June we selected our wedding photographer!

It takes quite a while to look through that many portfolios.  It is really fun though to look through photos and find a bunch that you really like.  It leads you to picture yourself in them!  Brian Ambrose Photography will be photographing our wedding.

The forecast on the day of our engagement shoot was isolated thunderstorms which made me a bit nervous.  I made an appointment for a blowout with my old hairdresser Kerrylynn at Tre Lynn salon.

Everything was great until the drive over.  As we left for the studio, it started to downpour.  We sat in the studio and went over details, suggestions and looked at some of the sample finished products.

The timing could not have been more perfect because then the rain started to let up.  We jumped in the car and headed for downtown Hartford, the sun and some nice puffy clouds were there to greet us!  We took some pictures in and around City Hall and also at Bushnell Park.

Here are a few of my favorites!




July Goals

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Now that June has come and gone, my goals for July are to:

1) Keep up with my training plan.

I want to stick as close to my plan as possible, especially when I’m traveling.  I think it will help to post weekly workout recaps.

2) Have remaining big vendors for wedding decided.

These include the DJ, limo, and florist.  It wouldn’t hurt to figure out our hotel block either.

3) Try one new restaurant.

I feel like lately if we do go out for dinner, we tend to go to the same places all the time.  Since we live right near DC we should take more advantage of the variety that the city has to offer!

4) Drink more water

I’m carrying this one one over.

What are your goals for the month?

Surprise Visit Weekend

Way back in March my mom and I planned a surprise for my sister and dad. I would come home to Connecticut for Memorial Day weekend to surprise them.  My sister goes to school in Minnesota and was only home for a week in between the end of the semester and her internship. Since we weren’t telling her we figured why not keep it a secret from dad too.

Although it went a bit differently than planned, the surprise still worked! My flight was supposed to leave Reagan at 10:05 pm, but with all the crazy thunderstorms going on, the departure board looked like this:

Airport DelaysMy 10:05 flight was delayed to 10:50, then 11:05, back to 10:50 then 11:20. Once we actually got on the plane, air traffic control put a hold on all flights going the direction we were due to some isolated storms. We finally took off around 12:30 am, flew faster than normal and landed in Hartford at 1:15 am.  Surprisingly it wasn’t as bumpy of a ride as I was expecting but I still felt much better being on the ground! By the time I got to my parent’s house it was 2 in the morning so everyone was asleep. The surprise waited until morning when they woke up. Both of them had no idea I was coming and my sister even had a few tears, especially when I told her I’d made a few appointments for us to go shopping for wedding dresses.

Other than the rainy weather on Saturday and Sunday, it was a nice to spend the weekend at home and see my family and dog. I even got some exercise in. Mom, Molly and I went to yoga on Saturday morning and Monday morning at The Yoga Shop.

Tired Gertie

Such a tough life of napping for Gertie

Friday Lunch at Higashi

Sushi Lunch


Dress Shopping (didn’t buy this one)

Dress Shopping

At Stars of Avon

Bowling at Foxwoods Casino

Bowling at Foxwoods

Classy, right?

On Monday the sun came out just long enough for me to get sunburned and enjoy one of these:

Beer on the PatioAfter that it was time for my flight back to DC sitting in front of the screaming baby.  At least the flight was on time?

Who else is excited for a 4 day work week?

Wedding Venue

In my mind, selecting the wedding venue was the first big decision of wedding planning that needed to be made.  After the venue was selected, then a date could be selected and everything else will be able to fall into place around it.  I’m hoping this proves to be the case, but I won’t know for sure until many months from now!

Sometimes I wonder how we functioned before search engines like Google.  I found so many possibilities that I probably wouldn’t have known existed if they hadn’t been all presented to me in link form in a matter of seconds.  I thought that picking a venue would be similar to picking a college.  You would select a handful of places to visit, and just get a feeling of “yes, I could see myself here” at one of them.  This was not the case for us.

We narrowed our search to places that would be under an hour drive from the church and narrowed further to the eight we thought would give us a variety.  Then we picked a weekend to drive up to Connecticut and shoved 4 appointments each into Saturday and Sunday.  We visited a rustic barn, a historic mansion, a boathouse on the river, a country club, a banquet hall on the river, a banquet hall attached to a restaurant, a banquet hall in a park and a downtown ballroom.

Of the eight places we visited, four of them stuck out to us.  When we got back to Virginia, we sat down and wrote out what we liked and didn’t like about each and narrowed ourselves down to two.  Or so we thought.  After talking about it with our families, one of the two we were considering was discarded and replaced with something we’d originally eliminated.  It was back to the drawing board for a few days.  After much conversation, a few tears and the realization that you can’t please everyone nor can you base your decision on only a few people, we were ready.

We selected the country club as our venue and couldn’t be more excited!  Looking back, this was the place we were both originally leaning towards which helped solidify that this was the place for us.

Our options for Fridays in May and June were fairly open.  We didn’t have our heart set on a certain date, so we went with June 6th.  Our dating anniversary is June 5th so this seemed perfect!

A few details about the venue:

There is a giant window that overlooks the grounds of the golf course and is the focal point of the room.

We will be able to create an all inclusive package for appetizers, dinner, drinks and the cake.  Since we’re planning long distance this will definitely be helpful rather than having to work with different vendors for each of these things.

A coordinator is assigned to help us along the way

25 minute drive from the church and 10 minutes to the nearest hotel

We have customization options with linens or chair ribbons