Friday Things

I’ve been having a good blog week with getting a post up everyday.  Yesterday I was pretty busy and just didn’t feel like I had anything interesting to write about.  Oh well!

I’m really really glad its Friday, with the snow and cold weather it feels like this week took forever.  I’ll leave you with some reflections from the week and weekend plans…

1. Zac comes home today!  He has been in Alabama all week for the Senior Bowl.  Its nice to have the place to yourself for a little bit, but then it starts to get a bit lonely.

2. I ordered the Jade Yoga Mat the other day with some Christmas money.  Can’t wait until it arrives!  I really want to try and get to more than one yoga class per week.  It helps stretch me out from the running I’m doing and I typically leave class feeling tired but energized. I figure if that’s the case why shouldn’t I do it more often?

3. In that spirit, I tried out a new class yesterday at the main studio in Alexandria.  It was called Hot Power Flow I.  What a great class!  I was a bit worried about the ‘power’ part that I wouldn’t be able to keep up but I did and it was a great workout.  While there were typical vinyasa aspects of the class, the way the sequences were to go between the poses was a bit different and we did some poses I’d never done before.  She also did a bit of a workshop for a few minutes on ways to get into the side crow pose, which let us cool down a bit.  I’m always intimidated by poses like that so it was really great to try it with her tips even if I didn’t get into the pose last night. I know with some practice I can do it!

Mind The Mat Del Rey

4. I’ve got volleyball league tonight.  There was no room for individuals not already on a team in the DC Social Sports league that I had been playing in. After some googling, I found the Chantilly Women’s League and emailed the organizer to ask if there were teams that needed any additional players.  Well, luckily for me one team has a woman who is pregnant so they do.  A bit weird that the games are spread out through the week instead of all on one night but I suppose gym time is hard to come by.

5. I have a meeting set up for Saturday morning with a local designer to talk about wedding invitations.  I hope she has some great ideas for us and her pricing fits in the budget.  Her style is described as traditional with a twist, which is pretty much what we’re looking for so cross your fingers it works out!

6. Anyone else secretly happy Justin Bieber got arrested for his antics?  No? Just me?

7.  I need to run 4 miles this weekend.  The forecast says 36 degrees for tomorrow.  4 miles would kinda suck on the treadmill so I’m thinking I need to suck it up and run outside.

8.  My W2s arrived this week.  All 3 of them.  If you work in 3 or more states in a year the company will reimburse your taxes if you go to H&R Block to get them done.  That will be a nice perk.  Since I’d moved from NJ to VA last year and still went to NJ for work a few times I went to H&R Block get them done just so I didn’t screw anything up.  While it ended up being good I did that because my W2 info somehow didn’t get switched over to VA so I needed to get an amended one, it cost a pretty penny!  It will be awesome to get my entire refund back this year.

9.  One of the best pug pictures ever.

10. Happy Friday everyone!


August Goals Revisited

Happy September everyone! Let’s recap the August goals:

1) Read two books- CHECK!

I read The Garden Intrigue and Lean In.  I also finished up Dad is Fat, but I’d started that before August.

August Books

2) Eat more salad- ALMOST

I did better with this at the beginning of the month and slacked off as the month went on.  I think I’ll carry this one over to September.

3) Put more effort into my outfits- CHECK!

Here are a few nights out with friends where I wore something other than jean shorts/capris and a cotton tshirt.

Outfit Collage

4) Buy my wedding dress – CHECK!

I ended up purchasing something I hadn’t tried on before.  It is a mix of all of the styles I’d liked though so it will be perfect.

August Goals



At the end of this month, Zac and I will have lived together in Arlington for a whole year!  I can’t believe how fast that year went.

My goals for August are:

1) Read two books

I started reading ‘The Garden Intrigue’ by Lauren Willig on the plane ride.  This book has been sitting on my shelf for a while and the tenth book in the Pink Carnation series should be delivered to me this week so I need to read book nine first!

2) Eat more salad

I’ve been having salad for lunch a few days a week and I’d like to keep it up.  I think its a good healthy eating habit to make!  When I was in New Jersey last week I had a particularly tasty one at Tables for Two that I need to buy the ingredients for and recreate myself.  It was romaine lettuce, tomato, roasted peppers, artichoke heats, fresh mozzarella and grilled chicken.  It was served with balsamic vinaigrette. Yum!

3) Put more effort into my outfits.

I feel like lately I’ve fallen into a bit of a fashion rut.  I wear the same things a lot and don’t mix and match or accessorize as much as I could with what I have in my closet.

4) Buy my wedding dress

I do have a trip to Minnesota planned for 8/22-8/26 where among other things I will shop at the store my sister is interning at this summer.  I am hoping to find something that I love.

Wedding Photographer

At the end of June we selected our wedding photographer!

It takes quite a while to look through that many portfolios.  It is really fun though to look through photos and find a bunch that you really like.  It leads you to picture yourself in them!  Brian Ambrose Photography will be photographing our wedding.

The forecast on the day of our engagement shoot was isolated thunderstorms which made me a bit nervous.  I made an appointment for a blowout with my old hairdresser Kerrylynn at Tre Lynn salon.

Everything was great until the drive over.  As we left for the studio, it started to downpour.  We sat in the studio and went over details, suggestions and looked at some of the sample finished products.

The timing could not have been more perfect because then the rain started to let up.  We jumped in the car and headed for downtown Hartford, the sun and some nice puffy clouds were there to greet us!  We took some pictures in and around City Hall and also at Bushnell Park.

Here are a few of my favorites!




Kansas City Wedding

Our friends are married and the wedding was wonderful!

The ceremony and reception took place at a country club just outside of Kansas City. The bride had always wanted to be married outside, and the weather was just perfect for it.  The ceremony took place at 5:30pm, so it had just started to cool off and not a rain cloud in sight.

It really was a beautiful setting for a wedding.  Here we are with the ceremony site in the background.

Zac and Amanda outside

After the ceremony, the bride and groom drove off into the distance in a golf cart with a just married sign off the back.  The guests filed inside for cocktail hour.  Zac and I sat at table four and as someone who enjoys wine, I loved the table numbering system.

Bottle Centerpiece

The table runners were a really great idea to involve the families.  They were a collage of wedding photos from the parents and grandparents of the bride and groom.  There may have been a great grandparent photo in there as well.

Table Runner

We ate a buffet dinner of spinach salad, potato salad, mac and cheese, and beef brisket.  The wedding cake was red velvet which is one of my favorites.  The cake had both sunflowers and wine grapes as decoration.  The bride and groom danced to “Take Me The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson.

We danced the rest of the night away to a great mix of country, oldies but goodies and current hits.  The reception wrapped up around 11:30 pm and we headed back to the hotel and crashed.  Our flight back to DC was bright and early this morning at 7:35 am.

After attending this wedding, I am glad we chose to have our reception at a country club.  More on how we chose in another post!

Have you attended a wedding recently?

Were there any details you really liked?