Five for Friday

Some highlights from the week and what I’m looking forward to for the weekend!

1) Great time for 4th of July! We went to a BBQ that a friend of a friend was having.  They live on a small lake so we all rode on the pontoon boat out to the middle of the lake to watch the fireworks.

Boats on the lake

Fireworks July 4 2013

2) I’m heading to another BBQ on Saturday with my friend Neha.  Since she enjoyed it so much from the wine and cheese night, I’m making my pasta salad again.

3) I made it through my first two training runs without walking.  I’m hoping I can make it through my “long” run of 1.5 miles Saturday morning without walking too.

4) Despicable Me 2 was so cute!  The theater was full, but on opening day for a movie there wasn’t as big of a craze as I thought there would be.  Obviously my favorite parts were the minions.

5) Yoga on Sunday.  It’s been a while since I’ve gone.




Washington Nationals vs Colorado Rockies

The Nationals were running their 5 dollar ticket special for games 6/20-6/27 so we bought two tickets to Saturday’s game against the Rockies.  It was a giveaway day as well, we each got baseball totes.  Since they fold up into themselves, I could see it being useful since it packs down to almost nothing and is the nylon material so it would dry out quickly if it got wet.

One of the things I always think is so fun is the Presidents Race that they do during the fourth inning.  They used to have four presidents that raced George, Tom , Abe and Teddy.  This year they added a fifth, Bill.  It used to be a long standing joke that Teddy would never win, but when the Nats made the playoffs last year he finally did!  Recently the presidents have started standing near the entrance to take pictures as people come in so I got my picture with Teddy!

Me with Teddy before the gameOur seats were in section 222, on the first base side.  Not a bad view for only 5 bucks!

View from Nats seatsThe team started off giving up a few runs in the first inning and it didn’t get much better from there.  They ended up losing 7-1.  It was a nice day out though and we still had fun.  Plus I got my Bryce Harper t-shirt!

Zac and I 6-22 Nats game

Weekend Review


It was raining and gross out so we stayed in and rented Les Miserables.  I really enjoyed the movie and I can see why it won all the awards that it did.  I didn’t really know the story line before seeing it, so it was interesting to see that.  I loved the little guy, Gavroche.

from Wikipedia

from Wikipedia


The sun decided to come out and we headed over to Zac’s old building for a daytime BBQ with some friends.

Some of the people went to the Nationals game and the rest of us left for other things.  We headed off to run some errands.  After dinner we went for a walk and then settled in to watch the first episode of The Americans.  We have the whole season sitting on the DVR.  I’m glad we have it all taped to watch, it seems like it will be a really good show!

from FX

from FX


We went to church and then out to breakfast in the morning.  I spent the afternoon at Neha’s house trying on some traditional indian clothes to wear to a wedding we’re going to at the end of the month.  Everything is so colorful and fun! I love all the embroidery and beading on what she lent to me.

Zac and I stepped up our game on our evening walk and jogged the first half and then walked back.  We went just under a mile, but we didn’t stop and had a hill to run up!  Not bad for having not really gone on a run since April.

Vintage Virginia Wine Festival

On Sunday I went to the Vintage Virginia Wine Festival with three friends.  The festival was out at Bull Run Park out in Centerville, Virginia about 45 minutes away from home.

Over 30 wineries from all over Virginia were there.  You were given a wristband and a glass when you walked in. Everything was spread out in the field and under tents.  There were also additional vendors selling things like jewelry, clothes and wine accessories as well as a row of food trucks.

Vintage VirginiaWe made it to just under half of the wineries.  The festival was spread out across the whole day, we got there around noon and it ended at five.  There were some famous names and some funny ones.

WineriesThe weather was pretty much perfect for a day outside.  Warm, but with some clouds so the sun wasn’t beating down on you.  I definitely made sure to wear sunscreen anyway!  Here we are at The Williamsburg Winery.

All at the festivalWilliamsburg was one of my favorite wineries of the day.  I ended up coming home with six bottles of wine from three different vineyards.  Most of the vineyards were running specials on select wines or offered discounts for more than three bottles purchased so I didn’t pay more than 15 dollars for any of them.

3 Bottles

Rockbridge bottlesI can’t wait to have friends over and share these!

Weekend In Review

Happy Monday!

The weather, except for about half an hour when it poured rain on Saturday afternoon was so beautiful this weekend!

I started it off by enjoying a mojiito for Happy Hour on the patio at A Town on Friday with my friend Neha.  This was only my second time there, but I definitely need to go back!  Afterwards I walked over to the nail salon for a manicure.  I spent the rest of the night catching up on the DVR while Zac was at the hockey game.  Love the pink!


Does anyone else watch Smash?! This week’s episode was SO sad.  I’m totally not a sap about movies and TV shows like my sister Molly, but I definitely had a tear about Kyle.

Saturday was lunch with my friend Emilie before the longest hair appointment ever.  But, I’m a nice bright blonde for summer.  We made enchiladas for dinner and snuggled up on the couch to watch Silver Linings Playbook.  Such a good movie, I loved it!  I can definitely see why Jennifer Lawrence won all the Best Actress Awards for it.

From here:

From here: Silver_Linings_Playbook

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early to try one of the two churches near us followed by a pancake breakfast at IHOP.  Dinner was this recipe.  If you’ve never made them, do it tonight.  Sometimes its fun to eat kid food made for adults right?  Especially with carrot fries on the side!

I picked up one at the library and bought one for my Kindle, but I’ve got two books to read for some upcoming book clubs.  I’m reading Life After Life and The American Way of Eating.  I’ll post my thoughts on them as I finish them.

What are some kid-friendly foods you still enjoy?

What are you reading?